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5 Foods That Raise Your Blood Sugar Levels

5 Foods you could be consuming everyday may be responsible for uncontrolled blood sugar levels. Insulin resistance and Type 2 diabetes are one of the fasted growing chronic diseases today. Although most people realise the perils of refined sugars in their diets, not all sources of glucose are obvious, and here are some of the culprits.


White Flour

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Blood sugar levels are greatly destabilised by wheat. White flour and all foods made from white flour have a very high glycemic index and will rapidly raise your blood sugar levels. This includes items such as breads, pasties, and other commercially baked goods; pastas, white rice and other grain-based foods. As an alternative, try baking with flours with low carb content such as Almond or Coconut flours.


Commercial Sauces

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Condiments like tomato sauce, soy sauce, barbeques sauces etc are high calorie, high sodium, and have a high carbohydrate content and should generally be avoided, where possible. This includes when they are served in meals such as sweet and sour dishes, deep-fried entrees and anything served with a sugary sauce on the side.


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Starchy Vegetables

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Vegetables such as potatoes, legumes, peas and parsnips will counter your attempts to regulate your blood sugars as they have a very high GI. Try sticking with green leafy vegetables which are not only rich in minerals, but also wont spike your glucose levels due to their low carbohydrate content.





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Fruit generally has a high concentration of fructose, which, for people managing diabetes, reeks havoc with your blood glucose levels. Culprits include fruit like bananas, stone fruit, melons, grapes and pineapples to name a few. To really be on the safe side, stick with berries (of all kinds) as they generally have lower sugar levels, but even then quantities need to be kept moderate.



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Often sold a healthy, fruit and some vegetable juices can have as much and sometimes more sugar than regular soda drinks. Although eating one apple alone might be acceptable, it might take about 10 apples to make that one cup of juice, thereby concentrating the sugar levels into proportions that are catastrophic to your blood sugar levels. As an alternative, try making your own vegetable juices at home using spinach, kale, romaine lettuce, cucumbers and some coconut water.


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